Software Systems

Essential actions to ensure technology infrastructure, assets, and guidance support an organized transition to classroom instruction.


Software provides the means to interface the curriculum and learning tools with teachers,  students, and parents. There are a plethora of options to consider and a pivot point for what occurs before and what comes after in the hierarchy. It is not necessary for each learning institution to use the same tools, but when common tools are used there are efficiencies to professional development, a common language, enterprise technical support, and transitional ease between grade levels and to other learning environments. 

Adopting a consistent approach to the learning platforms across a district reduces support costs, simplifies engagement among parents, ensures consistency among staff, and creates opportunities to support in person, remote, and/or hybrid environments. 

Nebraska Canvas Consortium

A consortium of ESUs, Districts and schools are engaged in a consortium to support the implementation and use of the Canvas Learning Management System. The statewide negotiated rates are subsidized by CARES Act resources and create a unique opportunity to collaborate with other districts in content sharing, resources, and adopting high quality instructional digital materials. More information about the Canvas Consortium is provided below:

Canvas Consortium Resources: