Essential actions to ensure technology infrastructure, assets, and guidance support an organized transition to classroom instruction.


The Governor’s Education Emergency Relief (GEER) fund of the CARES Act is targeted to provide support for students in Nebraska (public and nonpublic).

  • Addressing the digital divide and related issues to support remote learning for students in K-12 schools
  • Focus on providing equitable access to technology for all students and improving parity in access to all schools
  • Can include hardware purchases for use of school students and improving access to reliable, high-speed internet for students

Information on procurement of devices for students is provided through the Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council (ESUCC).  


View the webinar GEER question and answer session presented on October 8, 2020:


Governor Ricketts has allocated $12.5 million from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund toward the purchase of student computing devices for our state’s K-12 public and non-public schools and districts. Schools and districts were encouraged to participate in the Nebraska Department of Education’s COVID-19 technology profile, which closed in July.  Based on the data from this profile, 29,524 devices are needed to fulfill one-to-one device availability for students.


The purpose of this device plan is to promote equitable opportunities for achievement and advancement of all students statewide by providing highly useful computing devices in concert with all elements of the Hierarchy of Digital Learning Needs.


To be eligible for device subsidy under this plan, your school or district must have completed the NDE’s Digital Learning Profile and Plan in July, 2020 and indicated a need for devices in your response. A subsidy of up to $400 per device is available from GEER funds. ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing has worked with suppliers to compile a catalog of devices based on the devices requested in the technology profile responses.  Schools and districts who completed the Digital Learning Profile and Plan will receive communication from the ESUCC beginning Thursday, September 17th specific to the nature of the devices needed in each case.  If the data is unclear on the type of device requested, the communication will ask that you complete your selections in the online catalog. Where response data was clearer, the communication will match your request to available devices and ask for your confirmation.  Currently, most devices are available for December, 2020 delivery or later. To place orders, we must receive your confirmation quickly.  A deadline date for response will be included in the communication you receive. Orders placed through this system will have the device subsidy pre-applied. Your school or district will be billed for the difference if the devices you select cost more than $400. 

If your school or district has already purchased the needed devices shown in your Digital Learning Profile and Plan response, or does purchase them outside of the Cooperative Purchasing order process, you may submit an invoice and evidence of payment to receive the $400 subsidy (up to the cost of the device). More information will be provided on this reimbursement process through the ESUCC.

After purchases and reimbursements from the Digital Learning Profile and Plan responses are processed, a second round of requests for purchases and reimbursements may be opened if GEER device funds were not completely expended in the first round.

For updated information, status and timelines on the GEER device purchase plan, please visit the ESUCC GEER Devices page.